MENTALMORPHASIS is...Mental transformation as a result of development, personal growth or adaptation.  It is “Changing your mindset with assistance.
About Us
 Denise Irish founded MentalMorphasis in 2005 as a vehicle for helping people acquire or develop life skills as well as providing success strategies.  After spending several years preparing and certifying with several Life Strategy programs ---each promising change, she knew something was missing.  As an accomplished Master Hypnotist she was experiencing amazing  successes with clients using that modality.  So she wondered why so many people complained of "feel-good" workshops that lost their glow after only a few days back in the "real-world."
She knew that what was missing was "real" tools  and methodologies to assist in transformation.  Without a method, the way to personal evolution was as likely as a winning game of golf using a basketball. You become too frustrated and disallusioned to pursue it.  
The ChangeFormations program starts with  an examination of the clients current state. It narrows the focus to core issues, and using the tools, re-wires our mental circuitry to allow change and thus facilitate transformation.   We only ask for committment to the process and activities.
The Multidimensional Mind Boot Camp is an accelerated circuit taken from the ChangeFormations process.
Since the programs inception, several facilitators have been trained and certified to present and carry on this groundbreaking methodology and process.
In  transformative learning environments, we give students  skills, and life-changing personal development to respond to a rapidly changing world. Mentalmorphasis has become synonymous with innovative strategies and work and it will continue to develop them long into the future.
MentalMorphasis' Corporate Learning Program has grown to include clients ranging from market leaders, in various fields such as, Mortgage Brokerage, Insurance, Information Technology, and Call Centers.    
MentalMorphasis Mission Statement
 MentalMorphasis is devoted to providing the highest quality learning  opportunities for clients seeking personal and professional development.   Our core value is committed to facilitating learning opportunities for  participants to acquire or enhance the skills necessary to progress,  evolve and transform.